Sunday September 15, 2019 at 1 pm


Join us for a fantastic and unprecedented opportunity to tour the Coast Guard Station at Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport. 

Air Station Miami operates a fleet of five MH-65D Dolphin helicopters and five HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircraft. The crew consists of 70 officers, 210 enlisted personnel, 13 civilians, and 54 auxiliarists working together to achieve aviation excellence. The men and women of Air Station Miami remain on watch, day in and day out, rescuing those in need and protecting our shores from those that look to do our nation harm.  This behind the scene tour will give us an insight of their operations and their lifestyle.

Sunday September 15, 1 pm

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Scavenger Hunt


Add More Fun to Your Flying!

 Join in on an aerial scavenger hunt and sharpen those eagle eyes. Ninety-Nines and Friends of The 99s are challenged to find "90 Things in 90 Days for the 90th Anniversary." 

Take aerial photos of as many items on the list as you can between August 1 and October 27. 

The pilot with the most points will receive a paid registration to the 90th Anniversary Dinner on November 2 in Oklahoma City, or a $50 Amazon gift card if unable to attend the dinner.

Click here for the rules for the hunt. 

Click here for the list of items we are hunting for.